Temporary changes in payment cards servicing

The MEGABANK JSC constantly works on improving our services and continues to move in the development of our services increasing their availability and processibility.
The next significant step in the bank development strategy will be the transfer of payment cards servicing to its own processing.
Migration of payment cards servicing is scheduled for the following dates:
  • from 7:00PM 22.04.2020 to 7:00PM 23.04.2020 – Mastercard international payment system;
  • from 7:00PM 25.04.2020 to 7:00PM 26.04.2020 – VISA international payment system.
During the specified period, cards servicing for these payment systems will be impossible.
The issuing of new cards will also be impossible:
  • all products, except todobank: 22.04 12:00AM – 26.04 7:00PM;
  • todobank card: 24.04 12:00AM – 26.04 7:00PM.
Transactions in the trading through POS-terminals of the bank, transactions on the website https://erc.megabank.ua and todobank mobile application will be stopped during the period: 25.04 8:00PM – 26.04 7:00PM.
We apologize for any temporary inconveniences.
The transfer of payment cards servicing to its own processing will function as the basis for the implementation of further bank development plans, such as:
  • ability to connect our payment cards to Google Pay and Apple Pay wallets;
  • multicurrency cards and ability of online currency exchange;
  • installation of PIN in electronic channels;
  • issuance of virtual cards.
- Though these services are not new in the digital financial service market, MEGABANK will present them in the most interesting use case. Our customers will find a unique set of services that will provide them with new opportunities for managing personal finances, – commented Oleksii Yehorov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the MEGABANK JSC.