Support for the Megabank Online app, which allows you to pay utility bills and other services, will be discontinued soon. But it is not a problem, since Megabank has developed a new app called todobank – it is available for installation with Android 5.0 and upper (including Android 9 and Android 10) and iOS 10 and upper (including iOS 13).

In todobank you can make all the same payments available in the previous app, as well as perform much more functions both for card management and payments:

  • Payments: ICC (ERC), Kharkivgazzbut, Lanet, Volya, Kyivstar Home Internet, Ukrtelecom, mobile replenishment, payment for TV and the Internet and many other services;
  • Payments are made without commission from todobank and Megabank cards;
  • Registration – the phone number and email is enough;
  • Login – also available with Touch ID / Face ID;
  • Adding cards of todobank, Megabank and other banks and payment with them;
  • Displaying balances of todobank and Megabank cards;
  • Free card-to-card transfers:
    • from another bank card to a Megabank and todobank card;
    • from a Megabank and todobank card to another bank;
    • from a Megabank and todobank card to a Megabank and todobank card;
  • Receiving receipts for the operation by email and the ability to download it to the device;
  • Receiving statements with the flow of card funds by email;
  • Free SMS informing on card transactions;
  • Free registration and delivery of todobank card;
  • Free replenishment of a card – by any means;
  • 10% on the balance of own funds;
  • Cashback when paying with todobank card in cafes and restaurants, at gas stations, in online stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and household appliances stores;
  • Fare 1% cashback without restrictions on the amount of cashback or the amount to be withdrawn: there is no need to wait for any amount – just get money on the card;
  • Referral program – invite friends and get UAH 50/each;
  • Request for funds transfer – you can send a link to a friend, who will conveniently transfer money to you after opening the link.

The app also provides the search for utility payments by the ERC personal account and by scanning the barcode on a paper receipt. A credit line of up to UAH 200 thousand is available on the todobank card, plus a grace period of up to 62 days, as well as: blocking and unblocking cards, changing limits, changing the password for logging in; ordering a card using a passport or ID card; display of the full card number and expiration date; branch address map and much more. Support is available round the clock not only by phone and email, but also in Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger.

With the todobank app, you can use free online payments for utilities and other services and transfers from card to card, as well as convenient mobile banking. Install it now, because support for the Megabank Online app will be discontinued soon.

The app is available at the following links:

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