Campaign for taxpayers of utility services starts in MEGABANK

MEGABANK launches promotion for payers of utility services through the bank’s Integrated Clearing Center. The action will operate during the first quarter of 2015. Its winners will receive nice gift sets!

Detailed information about promo action, its terms and procedure for determining winners will be then posted on the Bank's website

To take part in the action, a payer should collect three coupons with the logo of MEGABANK, with sign of each month (January, February, March) and a note about the payment through MEGABANK (cashier stamp). Coupons should be cut behind a line of paid single receipt and be saved.

Recall that the Integrated Clearing Center for payment for housing and utility services was established by MEGABANK in 1999. There isn’t any analog of this program in Ukraine. Currently, the ICC works in several regions of the country. In particular, thanks to the ICC system Kharkiv residents can know the status of their accounts, the amount of debt, to obtain a subsidy. Kharkovites can pay more than 60 services via the ICC.